Diversity is now a must in video conferencing

Diversity is now a must in video conferencing

If you are not living in a deserted island, then you must have seen that the real invasion of videoconferencing has started. Video calling is starting to pop-up everywhere you look both in business and in consumer communication environments.

The average amount of information consumed within personal and group communication is still growing fast. Home users are using video to have more powerful messages and during business meetings users are expanding their collaboration experience by sharing their PC screens, connecting to external information sources or calling people outside their own organization.

Voice calls are very limited what comes to capacity for adding more information. Voice only calls just won’t be enough and therefor video conferencing has now become important and fundamental part of business took-kit for many employees.

This rapid expansion of video conferencing is pushing vendors to develop solutions to new usage scenarios based on the real demands of different workflows. As direct result of this so called huddle rooms and mobility are now the fastest growing areas in video conferencing business.

Much broader selection of different video conferencing options will help to meet the user needs. As addition new flexible cloud based video conferencing solutions are easy to deploy and cost-efficient. This is where you should be smart and choose the right one.


Here are two real-life tested tips to succeed:


Many times hybrid solutions and step-by-step approach are the best way to ensure the payback of done investments and the survival of existing video conferencing culture while bringing all cool new features to users. Sometimes running old existing solution along the new one for a while and moving step by step to new might be the smartest choice and a good way to make a smooth transition.


I can’t highlight enough the importance of choosing the right partner. Your video conferencing partner should really listen you and also understand your business needs to be able to build video conferencing technology and cultural bridges that will make the move from existing solution a pain-free experience. Your video conferencing partner should be interested for real to help you to get most out of your video conferencing solution, whatever solution that might be.

One size just won’t fit for all in video conferencing!

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