Email will be dead by 2020

Email will be dead by 2020

Why in 2020 there is no need for email? Because email is stupid. 

When you receive information, we make a decision based on these simple rules. 
1.    Does this information have value for me now or later (keep it or lose it)
2.    Should I do now or later something based on this information  (act, delay or pass)
3.    Does this information have value for someone else (share it with family or colleagues)

How does the email cover these points above? 
•    When you receive an email you can only guess if the message is relevant and a keeper. 
•    You don't easily know if the email includes something that requires your action or not.
•    The normal way to share email with others is to forward it as an email and force others to go through this guessing game.

There are some workarounds and many corporate users are using for example tagging, flagging or naming emails according some agreed rules. These still need a lot of effort from the user to really work.

This is one of the biggest reasons why teamwork applications are now so hot topic and in everyone’s mind. 


There are some matters that you should keep in mind with these new teamwork applications:
•    Change (really) the way you think and do your workflow.
•    Don't use teamwork application like you have used to use your email application, it is a different beast.
•    Follow only relevant discussions for you or you can get drowned with discussions.
•    Use all the latest features to get most out of the application, including video conferencing.

Teamwork applications are the technology answer from vendors and are built from ground-up to cover these requirements mentioned above. 

However users still need to support the change to really make it happen.



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