Supercharge Sales Team management with Video Conferencing

Supercharge Sales Team management with Video Conferencing

TOP 5 things that Sales Director or Sales Manager will get using video conferencing:

1. Better control of numbers and people
You can keep yourself updated about the latest changes much easier when you can ask information directly and instantly from the right people. Having instant connection can be very high value in some cases.

2. More efficiency from your team with better time management
Travel less for work and only when it really matters. You can add more meetings with your team when you don’t spend time for traveling.

3. Happier team and people with flexible working options
When you allow working from home-offices that needs some good rules, but when you do it right you can have the feeling of freedom for employees but still have the needed control and a way to support your team.

4. Easier prospect and customer care & management
Customer meetings are the ones that should be done face-to-face. Follow-ups, service review meetings and project meetings are the ones to take care of with video. Many times customers like this as also their time will be saved when no need to serve you onsite.

5. Higher sales results for your team and for you
When organization is using more time for working instead of travelling it means that people are more productive, which will automatically increase the results. Video conferencing is a smart tool to work more without spending more time doing so.

Today video conferencing is a business tool that any Sales Director or Sales Manager now should not miss.


TOP 5 things to keep in mind to get most out of video conferencing investment:

1. Ensure good interoperability and simple user guides with existing UC solution
Mixing video conferencing with UC is the very powerful combination and tool for sales team, but only when people know what to use when. Right tool for each communication need is the key to have less hassle.

2. Make video easily available to wide range of users inside organization
Video should be available also outside meeting rooms in many sizes and with all devices to ensure high usage levels.

3. Have clear rules and solution for booking video rooms
Many times the simplest way is the best. Use always the existing calendar solution also to book video meeting rooms when that is possible. Don't choose the best or busiest offline meeting room for video as it will only make booking a headache. Choose preferably less used offline meeting rooms and equip those with video.

4. Support video usage with your personal example and use video conferencing from laptop, iPad etc.
Be always pro-video in your organization and use video as much as possible in communication with your team to show people the benefits in real life. Don't have less face-to-face meetings with your team, but add new video meetings to have more time to share with people in your team.

5. Have end-user trainings available as recordings and arrange live training sessions occasionally
Video solutions are really easy to use only when you use them a lot and remember how to use them. Keep in mind that new employees need these trainings too. Make trainings funny and positive events, and avoid boring Powerpoint marathons.

These simple tips will help any organization to have most out of video conferencing.

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