The future of video conferencing will blow our minds but still feel more natural

October 19, 2016 Tatu Sikanen english

The future of video conferencing will blow our minds but still feel more natural

Here is my TOP 5 list of smart features that will change our future video conferencing experience:

1. Smart camera technology with auto focus and human eye level resolution.
2. Gesture control with natural speech recognition.
3. Embedded and transparent screens with human eye level resolution and 3D features - and audio with human ear level frequencies.
4. All parts of collaboration equipment will be inbuilt to meeting room environment and furniture or the mobile equipment will be used to transmit/project the content to any surface.
5. Video conferencing experience will be enriched with augmented reality and AI assistant that will control the meeting experience based on how many participants and type of content.

This more immersive and involving conferencing experience will feel surprisingly natural as all technology caused distractions will lessen and our senses can receive much cleaner information flow. 

In future video meetings will become natural discussions without the restrictions or need for specific location or equipment. Collaboration will become more like conversation.

Video conferencing

Of course this change will still take some time to really happen, but if you think about the rapid development of self-driving cars during past couple of years, it might not take that long to have much more human friendly video conferencing experience in your own meeting room. The biggest driver for this development is money. The cost for new technology is decreasing rapidly and the benefits are obvious.

The most interesting newcomer to video conferencing world will definitely be AI. Having this "super-assistant" in your meetings helping you around with everything from presentations to adding perfectly related information when needed. AI has made first small appearances in some messaging apps and it will definitely come to video conferencing too. Maybe the long lived dream of mind reading video conferencing system that knows exactly where I want to call to is now closer than we never though.