Why everyone is suddenly talking about teamwork applications?

December 8, 2016 Tatu Sikanen english

Why everyone is suddenly talking about teamwork applications?

This all is part of the evolution of the way people work. And it is really nothing new either. Same kind of evolution has always been there for ages.

There are actually four simple reasons why the way of working is constantly changing. Those reasons are very easy to understand - time, people, money and overuse.

You save time by doing faster and more efficiently than before.
You help people to work faster and to be more efficient by giving them better tools than before.
You make money having people working faster and better than before.
But then overuse of this new tool starts to effect slowing the increase of achieved benefits. 
All this is like a never ending circle, which pushes the evolution of way of working forward as new ways to improve need to be constantly discovered.

Here are two real life examples. First – the mobile phones. Think about the crazy jump in productivity when suddenly you could reach people no matter where ever they were and whatever they were doing. Then after a while you get a lot of calls daily, some important and some maybe not. And you are expected to be reached any time, no matter if you like it or not. Then the efficiency jump with mobile calls were used and the benefits started to depreciate.


Second example: Email and instant messaging. There are not many businesses out there that would survive if the order from a customer would still take many days to come using traditional mail. Email changed that with the possibility to send mail to basically anyone in the world with almost no cost. But soon email was not enough for the hunger of speed, and then come along the instant messaging. Now when at work it's common that you get emails, instant messages, video calls and some social media feeds. People are now trying to sort their emails based on priorities to keep some control. When the boosting effect of email replacing slower traditional mail was getting smaller then something new needed to be invented.

Going back to the title of this blog text. Why suddenly everyone is talking about teamwork applications or tools? Well the answer is quite obvious, it is just the next tool to do something faster and better than yesterday. I also believe personally that it's not a bad thing or a good thing, it is just a next step in the evolution of work – and it is needed for making more and efficiently than yesterday. Getting new better tools to be more efficient is great for both employer and employee. 
We just need to accept that yesterday work life was much slower than today, and we need to keep up.

My personal believe is that there are two certain things in work life and those are the need to be faster and the need to be better. To address these, the continuous evolution will happen until we have reached the limits of human capabilities. When we will eventually reach that limit, then it will be the machines that do most of our work anyway.